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EXPERTECH, the fusion of "Expert" and "Tech", where we are dedicated to provide top-notch BIM training from the industry Experts and earn the knowledge that will showcase your Technological expertise.


Since 2007, Studio4 Consultants Pvt Ltd has been a leader in BIM and digital technology integration in the AEC sector. They have trained over 2000 professionals from 30+ firms, earning a reputation for excellence in BIM solutions and change management.

Through ExperTech program, Studio4 empowers professionals to stay ahead with upskilling and innovation in BIM, ensuring they remain competitive in the industry.
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Our Training Program

Foundation Certificate in BIM Design

The Foundation Certificate in BIM Design is a
6 months course covering fundamental BIM essentials, practical applications, on-the-job training, and query resolution.
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Executive Diploma in BIM Design & Coordination

The 9 month Executive Diploma in BIM Design & Coordination enhances your design and coordination skills, with expert-led training to advance your career.
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Advanced Diploma in BIM Design Coordination & Management

The 12 month Advanced Diploma in BIM Design, Coordination & Management hones your skills in design, coordination, and management, leading to excellence in BIM.
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