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At Studio4, we provide collaborative and technological consulting services to the AECO industry partners involved in the building & infrastructure design and construction, allowing them to lay a solid foundation.

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Studio4 Consultants is known for its diverse team of highly skilled professionals. Besides being authorities in the fields of engineering, architecture and management, every team member possesses an in-depth knowledge of BIM technology. Having vast experience and in-depth expertise, Studio4 Consultants are united by their common passion and their unwavering ambition to drive excellence in every sphere of their activity.

SyndicAid for Owners/Developers/Contractors

Inefficiencies in existing construction processes are driving the change towards greater collaboration and information sharing between multidisciplinary project teams. However, the greatest challenge builders face is bringing diverse stakeholders with different objectives and varying levels of commitment to work together on a common platform.

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Design Consultants

Often constrained by low-visibility 2D drawings, design firms spend considerable amounts of time and resources in keeping drawings up-to-date and avoiding clashes. However, the advent of Integrated Practice (IP) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) has demonstrated upsides that are no longer possible to ignore.

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At Studio4, we bring to life the saying 'The whole is greater than the sum of its parts'. A diverse yet closely knit team, Studio4 brings together distinguished professionals with distinct and unique skill sets resulting in best-in-class solutions and superior customer experiences.

As technology-enablers and consultants for the design & construction industry, we focus on building lasting foundations together. This means employing a robust framework to identify and address instances of isolation, eliminating communication bottlenecks, and streamlining processes to create a single, unified enterprise.

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