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EXPERTECH, the fusion of "Expert" and "Tech", signifies our commitment to expertise in technology. We excel in designing certifications that empower professionals and corporations to thrive in the industry.


Studio4 is your trusted partner for BIM certifications, empowering professionals and corporates with the skills and credentials needed to excel in the industry. Our industry experience of 2 decades is at the forefront of designing Certifications for your resources.
By earning BIM certifications through Studio4, professionals gain a competitive edge, enhance career prospects, and demonstrate their proficiency in BIM practices. Invest in your professional development with Studio4's BIM certification programs.

BIM Customisation Services

Employee BIM Certification

Studio4 orients its BIM Certifications towards helping corporates and their team members assess their current BIM skill sets and identify their own gaps. Studio4’s uniquely designed...
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Corporate BIM Certification

Over the last 2 decades, several companies have embarked on their BIM implementations. However, many companies prefer to have their BIM implementations analyzed and audited....
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