• SyndicAid for Owners/Developers/Contractors

Inefficiencies in existing construction processes are driving the change towards greater collaboration and information sharing between multi-disciplinary project teams. However, the greatest challenge builders face is bringing diverse stakeholders with different objectives and varying levels of commitment to work together on a common platform.

Studio4, with its in-depth expertise of Integrated Practice (IP) and BIM, provides real estate owners / developers with an opportunity to leverage technology and streamline operations through SyndicAid, our flagship offering.

By using SyndicAid, construction companies can harness the power of BIM to capture, organize, and access data while collaborating seamlessly across the enterprise throughout the project lifecycle. Importantly, SynicAid enables decision-makers to get a single, unified project view, identify problems early on in the project lifecycle, and, as a result, achieve significant cost savings.

While BIM is gaining traction and enjoying greater adoption in the industry, SyndicAid enables customers to derive maximum value from their investment by establishing clear and measurable objectives, conducting a thorough current-state assessment, and re-engineering enterprise-wide processes to achieve superior performance.

The SyndicAid Process

The SyndicAid approach for owners / developers / contractors involves:

Step 1 > Elaborating BIM goals and objectives, evaluating BIM readiness by conducting a series of onsite  assessments to audit processes

Step 2 > Creating a BIM Strategy for the organization

Step 3 > Creating detailed BIM Management Plan (BMP) for the project

Step 4 > Training and implementation within the project team

Step 5 > Ensuring full compliance of the deliverables by managing project BIM operations with an on-site BIM  Manager.

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