• Our Core Competency

As we look around us, especially in urban spaces, technology has been a key driver in revolutionizing the business of construction and real estate development. With the complexity of structures increasing exponentially, there is a growing need to build greater efficiency into every process.

At Studio4, we provide collaborative and technological services to the AECO elements involved in the building design and construction industry, allowing them to lay a solid foundation. By introducing Integrated Practice (IP) processes, technologies like BIM, and hardware that allows cloud computing, we ensure minimum disruptions and most importantly, enable higher performing teams. The end result, as you can imagine, is a lean, efficient and highly optimized enterprise.

Studio4 clients enjoy a host of services designed to provide maximum value on hardware and software investments. As consultants, we leverage our expertise to deliver solutions on a wide range of themes including the creation and deployment of a BIM implementation strategy, company-specific process training, and the streamlining of computing hardware to match the design and construction team’s BIM and IP needs.

Beginning with the end in mind, Studio4 delivers high performance coupled with guaranteed return on investments. Comprising a team of architects and engineers, our team provides deeper insights while remaining at the cutting edge of industry trends and developments.

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